Message Queues.   As a Service.   In the Cloud.

Free. As in Beer.

Send and receive messages absolutely free for up to 5 connected clients. No sign up charges. No subscriptions. Unless you want more.

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Unlimited Monthly Messages

Send. Store. Receive. Any size. Any number: 1 or 1,000,000,000. Just pay for the storage you need. Consume messages quickly? Then storage is free.

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Open Messaging: AMQP 1‧0

HTTP’s new asynchronous cousin, AMQP 1‧0 is an  OASIS open protocol for Message Queues which works with any language, any device and any platform.

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Internet Scale

Our broker scales well beyond the  C10K limit of traditional MQ technology, with no sync locks, and up to 850,000 messages / sec for ultimate users. Designed for today’s 48 core hydras.

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PostgreSQL Admin Interface

Need to automate or integrate? Our administration API is SQL compatible. Create entire environments or tweak a queue from the command line. The choice is yours.

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Store & Forward

Never lose a message. Acknowledgments, partial re‑delivery, the works.

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Publish & Subscribe

Unique filtering technology. 1 or 1000 subscriptions? Done. We don’t differentiate dynamic, volatile or static subscriptions from queues.

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IT Audit Ready

Every connection, every action, every permission requested. Logged and available for review for 365 days. PCI DSS compatible. The only MQ solution designed from scratch to be Multi‑Tenanted.

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Sandbox your set‑up

Create and isolate resources by system or environment. Need development to have the same roles and queues but different access? Done.

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Secure by Default

Whole‑disk encryption. 2048‑bit TLS 1.2 connections. SASL authentication integration. Internal VPNs. Fine‑grained permissions.

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 500 Trucks.   3 Continents.   Secure Telemetry.

 Messages Received per Second


 Telemetry Datapoints per Second


$ Benefit


stormmq was theonlyplatform that [met] our requirement&we coulddeploy extremely quickly.

Alan Malby, Powertrain Manager,  Smith Electric

stormmq hascost us around a tenthof any comparable system we looked at.

Robin Mackie, CTO,  Smith Electric

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When I look at how the web works, and in many cases works badly, it’s because HTTP is the wrong place to start. AMQP fixes that problem.  Chris Swan, CTO,  Capital SCF


Our refined thinking on applying Message Queuing to AMQP and M2M.

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