New Release, New Download, More Features

We’ve recently made another release candidate of our client available.

The information in this post refers to an obsolete version

We’ve recently made another release candidate of our client available.

Since it was already quite solid, the differences in features in this download are small but important.

We’ve listened:‐

These REST APIs are available in our command line tools.

  • stormmq-list-queues
  • stormmq-list-exchanges
  • stormmq-list-bindings

So now you can found which queues are defined where and do what, any time, from anything that’s web accessible.

We’ve listened to our private trialists’ feedback, and added some new  features:‑

  • Company information is expanded to include notices (such as when you go over your usage limits), VAT numbers and more.
  • We’ve improved support in the command line for escaping URIs.
  • We’ve tightened security even further, switching to 512 bit symmetric keys in places (yep, mad).

As always, tell us what you want next and we’ll produce a product that’s even more in tune with your needs.

  Raphael ‘Raph’ Cohn

Raphael ‘Raph’ Cohn
Chief Architect
+44 (0) 7590 675 756

I’ve designed, developed and burnt the midnight oil on the graveyard support shift from large systems for banks to troubleshooting telcos to pricing electricity in Singapore. The one thing that was always missing was ‘ready to use’ Message Queuing. Message Queues you could set up and tear down yourself without bureaucracy or crazy costs. Message queues that worked with anything. Then it dawned. Message Queuing should be a cloud based service.