Free AMQP Training After Work

Are you interested in finding out how to scale your software application? Have you looked at using a message queue, but thought they were too expensive or complex?

Are you interested in finding out how to scale your software application? Have you looked at using a message queue, but thought they were too expensive or complex?

If so then perhaps you should join us for a hands on training course on an open standard that’s easy to use and programming language neutral: AMQP.

LondonTuesday, 26th October
17:15 to 21:100
Skills Matter,
116‐120 Goswell Road
DublinTuesday, 16th November
17:15 to 21:100
Odessa Club,
Dublin 2

These short introductory course will give you a full understanding of message queue technology with sample code to take away and use. Run in an open, collaborative way this is great opportunity to get hands on learning with live code with the help of our experienced trainers.

During the evening we’ll:‐

  • Set the scene, with a brief history of message queuing and today’s state of the art
  • Show you practical ways to use message queuing to make your applications stay up, easy to change and scale out
  • Demonstrate how the open AMQP standard can be used from Java and WebSocket, fuss‐free, with no J2EE configuration hell in sight
  • Let you loose to write real messaging code with the help of our trainers, individually – or collaboratively, if you fancy pairing or just plain coding with new people
  • For a taster, check out the draft of some of the material on YouTube. We’ll also be showing you how to get messages real time into the browser using Kaazing WebSockets, like this.

If you would like to attend please register soon… places are filling up!

We’ll keep you refreshed with tea and coffee, with plenty of time to network with others, and there will be liquid prizes – but we’re keeping the details under wraps, so no cheating!

AMQP is an open standard application layer protocol for message oriented middleware, frequently used in enterprise business and cloud environments. It’s language neutral. There are many commercial implementations of the open AMQP standard including stormmq and RabbitMQ. We will give you specific experience with the stormmq service which you can run wherever you are connected to the internet – but, because of the open nature of the AMQP standard, everything you learn can be be applied to any AMQP provider you wish.

Our trainers for the evening with be Raph Cohn and Eamon Walsh. With over 20 years between them of designing, building, managing and running message queue solutions from tiny embedded devices through trading floors to complex telecom monsters, there skill experience is entirely at your disposal.

You can use almost any development language to integrate with an AMQP message queue. We’re focusing on Java this time, but if you do OO, you’ll still be able to get a lot out of the evening – it’s not all about code! We will be running future events on .NET, Ruby, Python and PHP. If you are interested in these events please contact us

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about how stormmq’s message orientated middleware can make your applications easier to change, more resilient and quicker to scale up.

  Ross Cooney

Ross Cooney
Commercial Director
+44 (0) 845 371 2567

Ross Cooney heads up marketing for stormmq. Hands‐on and technical as well as a great communicator, Ross is often to be seen talking at CloudCamp, SuperMondays and AMQP events worldwide.