EuroCloud Ireland

We’re Glad you Came.

Thank you for the large numbers of you who came to hear us speak at EuroCloud Ireland. We wanted to do something a bit different – if anyone fancies adding a soundtrack to the A‐MQP effects, let me know! If there’s a question you didn’t get answered when Q&A was cut off, please dropRaphorEamonan email.

As we were handing out lunches promoting our  Training Event for Software Architects and Developers in Dublin on the 16th November, we asked you to get involved in our Champagne Draw. So many of you did, that we thought of a novel way of making it a fair draw. Enter Aurora, our MD’s 10 month old baby girl who’s developed an interest in business cards…

When our MD got home, Aurora couldn’t keep her hands off those cards. So, what could be more fun than a quick ‘commando crawl’ to choose from an inviting pile! Of course, it took several minutes to get any shots at all… never work with babies and animals, they say. I might add. especially if you’re in IT. Tossing the cards like a shower of spaghetti, her attention finally shifted from tugging at the carpet… a quick crawl, and then an outstretched arm made their choice…

Stephen Rea, of  workspace anywhere who’ll be receiving a bottle of Champagne. There was a second‐place draw, an idea Aurora invented, and, unfortunately, not captured on film (or stopped) in time. The owner of a business card with a green tree on it might want to go into the baby food business. The digestive value of his stationery has yet to be finally evaluated. Aurora’s parents wait in hope. And, for next time, you might want to up your chances with some extra‐bright and chewable designs!

It was a well organised day, with the leading cloud companies in Ireland putting on some grand talks. A big thanks from us to Dave Feenan, Richard Bowden and the lads at EuroCloud for making it happen, and to Pramod Pathank, at the National College of Ireland for sharing a superb venue. His staff really made it happen – the first fuss‐free setup we’ve used for a long time. Lastly, we wouldn’t have been able to give away so many free lunches without the help of Caroline, the catering manageress. Well Done!

  Raphael ‘Raph’ Cohn

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Chief Architect
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I’ve designed, developed and burnt the midnight oil on the graveyard support shift from large systems for banks to troubleshooting telcos to pricing electricity in Singapore. The one thing that was always missing was ‘ready to use’ Message Queuing. Message Queues you could set up and tear down yourself without bureaucracy or crazy costs. Message queues that worked with anything. Then it dawned. Message Queuing should be a cloud based service.