Announcing libamqp, an open source C client for AMQP 1‧0

Today, we are very happy to announce  libamqp, a C client for the AMQP 1‧0 protocol.

Today, we are very happy to announce  libamqp, a C client for the AMQP 1‧0 protocol.

 libamqp is released under the open source  Apache License 2.0.

The adoption of the AMQP 1‧0 specification depends upon fast and reliable open source clients. Eamon Walshe, started working on such a client a few weeks ago and while his work is still unfinished, today we have released the source code of this initial work.

Eamon has written C Clients in the past for AMQP. In a previous post he wrote about how he developed a client that supports the 0‐8 and 0‐9‐1 versions of the specification for an embedded device.  libamqp is a complete departure from this work and only supports the AMQP 1‧0 specification.

By releasing  libamqp under the open source  Apache License 2.0 we are asking the AMQP developer community to join us and contribute to the project. Once this C Client is complete we want to engage developers in the Ruby, perl, PHP, python and other various langage communities to write wrappers too. If you are interested in getting involved please join the  libamqp mailing list or contribute at  github.

  Eamon Walshe

Eamon Walshe
Client Director
+353 (0) 87 245 9670

I’ve done all things client orientated in a career spanning 25 years: from embedded banking alarm systems to implementations of CORBA and delivering massive Sybase set ups. Three years ago I never realised I’d have to go back over all those years — building an AMQP client for an electric truck in under 64K that sends millions of messages a month.