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We often get asked about questions from customers about the technologies behind stormmq.

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We often get asked about questions from customers about the technologies behind stormmq.

We’ve previously answered some of the common ones, but here’s a list of more we’ve received.

Well why not? Message queues allow you to move from the SQL ‐> Database ‐> File System model and into the network layer by offering:–

  • Logical decoupling
  • Physical decoupling
  • Temporal decoupling

If you already have a distributed system, located in several locations, then the jump to the cloud is more of a quick step.

AMQP is not the only MQ protocol. It currently has a very small portion of the market. However, it is the only one that is open and, with the new AMQP 1‧0 standard, the most progressive. It is poised to grow significantly. AMQP is an open, interoperable and reliable standard.

stormmq is not the only supplier of AMQP services. AMQP is being used in many high performance clustering and grid computing projects all around the world by leading companies:–

AMQP is a good fit for cloud MaaS and other wide‐area, Internet‐based messaging purposes, because it defines the wire protocol and communication semantics without restricting the details of the messaging system implementation or the API. AMQP’s goal is to enable interoperability among disparate vendors’ platforms.” Roy Schulte, Gartner, Review of AMQP and Other Protocol Options, 2011

I often get asked and challenged on the claims that AMQP is a truly interoperable protocol.

We can provide guarantees that will allow you to switch to another AMQP provider should you wish to do so. The whole idea and raison d’etre of AMQP is to give clients choice. Choice means competition. And competition means lower prices as the market commoditises.

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I’ve designed, developed and burnt the midnight oil on the graveyard support shift from large systems for banks to troubleshooting telcos to pricing electricity in Singapore. The one thing that was always missing was ‘ready to use’ Message Queuing. Message Queues you could set up and tear down yourself without bureaucracy or crazy costs. Message queues that worked with anything. Then it dawned. Message Queuing should be a cloud based service.