AMQP 1‧0 specification tracker

We’ve put up an AMQP 1‧0 specification tracker.

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Recent Changes

As the AMQP 1‧0 specification is no longer changing we’ve withdrawn the the specification tracker.

We’ve put up an AMQP 1‧0 specification tracker.

The AMQP 1‧0 specification is moving close to being voted on by the PMC. Minor changes are being made on on a weekly basis.

Keeping track of all the activity is very hard… To help with this we have built an automated system on top of Jenkins, the change control tool. We use this internally; please feel free to do so too:–

  • To monitor a list of changes to the specification
  • To get the most recent version of the specification as a PDF

  Eamon Walshe

Eamon Walshe
Client Director
+353 (0) 87 245 9670

I’ve done all things client orientated in a career spanning 25 years: from embedded banking alarm systems to implementations of CORBA and delivering massive Sybase set ups. Three years ago I never realised I’d have to go back over all those years — building an AMQP client for an electric truck in under 64K that sends millions of messages a month.