4th Annual AMQP Conference Announced

Save the Date: 12th October 2011.

Conference Flyer

The AMQP Working Group has been working diligently for over 5 years and we have released several versions of the protocol including AMQP 0‑8 and AMQP 0‑9‑1.

stormmq joined the working Group in May 2010 around the time that the AMQP 1‧0 specification was starting to firm up. After all this work we are now ready to release the AMQP 1‧0 specification.

To help celebrate this milestone the Working Group announced the date of their 4th Annual Conference and AMQP 1‧0 Launch Event. This will take place on 12th October 2011 at the offices of JPMorgan Chase & Co on Park Avenue, New York.

So, who should attend? This event is focused at IT directors of large organisations such as Banks, Trading Houses, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturers, Government agencies and the IT Directors of companies that supply, support and manage IT infrastructure for these types companies.

So, why should you attend? Here is a short list of the things that will take place at the event:–

  • Presentations by JPMorgan Chase & Co, Bank of America, and Deutsche Börse
  • Hearing directly from AMQP vendors about their technologies, and from end users on how they are benefiting from them.
  • Interactive panel session with vendors, users and analysts to learn the answers you need.
  • Technical session on AMQP 1‧0 core protocol features.
  • AMQP 1‧0 interoperability demonstration showcasing technology vendors

Tickets are available. Just contact us using the links to the side.

  Raphael ‘Raph’ Cohn

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I’ve designed, developed and burnt the midnight oil on the graveyard support shift from large systems for banks to troubleshooting telcos to pricing electricity in Singapore. The one thing that was always missing was ‘ready to use’ Message Queuing. Message Queues you could set up and tear down yourself without bureaucracy or crazy costs. Message queues that worked with anything. Then it dawned. Message Queuing should be a cloud based service.