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    stormmq is built around the AMQP protocol, a protocol that was designed when a group of vendors got together with a few users with a vision to build a reliable and open protocol for the MQ market.

    The goal was to produce the next generation MQ protocol to replace the incumbent proprietary standards. Over the past few years this protocol has passed through a few iterations but the current agreed standard is AMQP 0‐9‐1.

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    We’ve just added a load more hardware, and a new release of our internal AMQP engine. Should make things go a lot faster.

    We’ve used this release to finalise our auto configuring mesh IPsec VPN. No matter where your messages go, externally or internally, our infrastructure ensures they’re always encrypted and completely unintelligible to prying eyes!

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    We’ve just fired up our first cluster, free‑1. If you sign up using our private trial, you’ll be automatically assigned a new system on it.

    It’s going to be experimental for a few weeks, so please let us know as soon as there’s a problem. And yes, it’s free as in beer.